sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017

Baroness in bloom

A fresh silk flower, her scent floundering
-- the fiery sweet fumes of frothing youth --
the saintly whore saunters, on two feet soaring,
our seeing eyes searing, deep lust summoning.

Her white skin, wan -- in my dreams, warm --,
in waves of gold walloing -- our eyes wavering --
does her hale hair a halo make,
or horns for souls hanging, beckoning of Hell...

Barging comes the bedlam, the basting heat
of blue eyes like battalions -- the gaze of bayonets.
Barely barred souls are laid bare,
the surrendered beach beholds the conquering baroness.

terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

The search for love

The vast blue sphere of Earth I walked alone
and saw mankind strewn across the world.
From multitudes of folk, both high and low,
the passioned hearts of man I saw unfurled

And man and women both were wont to love:
in every cranny, under every stone,
did every hand seek after its own glove;
In every heart had love her fitting throne.

But the bridal chamber’s doors were often shut,
for love is rare (though love of love is not)
And grew on the tracks the grass, on it no rut:
The rider never comes, the heart’s distraught.

The truth do see though, to despair do not run:
and know that a loving heart is itself the Sun.

sexta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2017

A lâmina do tempo

Busco-te, mas não nas pontes altas,
sobre rios violentos, rumorosos.
Não quero o leito de lençóis aquosos:
Tu, Ligéia, a ânsia em mim não exaltas.

Busco-te, mas não no gélido fio
da lâmina de aço sobre vermelho.
Não que me falte, p’ra ferir, o brio,
nem me assuste no corpo mais um talho.

Mas é que me incomoda tanto alarde,
nem parece que a empreitada o demande.
Quero tu, que lentamente devoras

não no breve ato, coragem covarde,
que é fuga vil de mal tão grande,
mas na pálida sucessão das horas.

sexta-feira, 28 de julho de 2017


Her arms, her legs, her back
her lips, her ears, her nose
her hair like streams of gold
all I saw, and then I saw her eyes
and then her eyes were all I saw
and all things after that
I saw for the first time